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Last week, the ICAS Festival happened for the first time, and its first city of choice was Dresden. It brought together numerous festivals and initiatives from the ICAS network and also featured a grand SHAPE showcase in the form of 20 performances or exhibitions.

The SHAPE artists, featured in the program were: Lorenzo Senni (IT) / Gábor Lázár (HU) / Mørk (NO) / Bocca al Lupo (Kathy Alberici with Federico Nitti) (INT) / Low Jack (FR) / Alexander Dorn – Phantasialand (DE) / Random Logic (SI), Felicie d’Estienne d’Orves & Etienne Jaumet – “Satori” (FR), Borusiade (RO), RSS B0YS (PL), N1L (LV), 12Z (HU), Pasajera Oscura (AT), Bruma (FR), Assimilation Process (DE), Yves de Mey (Grey Branches) (BE), Martin Bricelj Baraga & Olaf Bender – “NEUNUNDNEUNZIG (99)” (SI/DE), DJ Nigga Fox (PT), Stanislav Abrahám – “Shapescapes and Spectral Scenery” (CZ), Sonic Robots – Mad Science, Bass & Robots! (DE), Michal Šeba (CZ), Matthijs Munnik & Joris Strijbos – “U/AV” (NL)

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All photos by David Pinzer

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