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To highlight the fact that SHAPE artists SILF have recently been confirmed for Budapest’s UH Fest (September 27 – October 4), S Olbricht, one half of the group, has crafted a mixtape for London’s radio station NTS Live.

SILF (Synths I’d Love to Fuck) is a Hungarian electronic music group. The two members, Bálint Zalkai (aka Alpár) and Martin Mikolai (aka S Olbricht) have been running Farbwechsel, an increasingly popular imprint for forward-thinking electronic music, since 2012 and have become a staple of not only local, but also international underground, through their numerous solo releases on labels such as Opal Tapes, Lobster Theremin or SicSic Tapes.

The mix is a handpicked selection of upcoming tracks, demos and other Farbwechsel-related sonics.


Listen to the broadcast of the mixtape on the live stream at the NTS homepage tomorrow (June 13) at 2 am (BST)…or find it later on our our website.

 Click here for previous SHAPE-related broadcasts on NTS.

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