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The 9th edition of Ljubljana’s Sonica festival presented a week of concerts, audiovisual performances, artist talks and walks through natures of various kinds. The festival exhibition evolved around the theme of Scapes – meaning spaces of escape, joining artworks that build technology fused variations of landscapes. “Through the years, Sonica has always been different. We choose a theme and build the programme around it,” said Neja Tomsic, Sonica curator in our interview. 

This year’s artists in residence were Mike Rijnierse (SHAPE) and Katarina Petrović (in partnership with V2_Institute for Unstable Media), who produced two exciting works to be presented for the first time at the Ljubljana festival. Several SHAPE artists were presented in Ljubljana, including Machine Woman, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Robertina Sebjanic, Anna Zaradny, and others.

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You can also watch an artist talk with Machine Woman below:

Photo: Matjaž Rušt,  Katja Goljat

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