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Tromsø is renowned for breeding innovative artists within the electronic music field. Insomnia festival seeks to evolve the creative energy this has given rise to by creating a platform for new electronic music and techno culture. Its 2017 edition occured on  26 – 28 October, and featured such SHAPE artists as Apeiron Crew, Olivia,  SKY H1, Boska, Marie Kvien Brunvoll, Boska, Inga Mauer, Machine Woman as well as Varg with FLORA -a special collaboration with AnnaMelina.

MatsGangvik-26 MatsGangvik-35 MatsGangvik-67 MatsGangvik-70 MatsGangvik-71 MatsGangvik-75 MatsGangvik-93 MatsGangvik-97BoskaMatsGangvik BoskaMatsGangvik-3 BoskaMatsGangvik-12INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3147INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3150INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-2923INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-2932INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3045MatsGangvik-2 MatsGangvik-5FloraMatsGangvik-3 FloraMatsGangvik-4 FloraMatsGangvik-7INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3272INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3300INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3304MatsGangvik-13 MatsGangvik-17 MatsGangvik-18DSC09248sky h1INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3323INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3330INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-3346INS01_isakdalsfelt_fullres-4031

Varg with AnnaMelina, Mari Kvien Brunvoll and J.G. Biberkopf by Mats Gangvik. Boska, J.G. Biberkopf, Varg with AnnaMelina, Machine Woman and Inga Mauer by Isak Dalsfelt. SKY H1 by Sebastian Wilches. 

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