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Spin α is the first of a video series by French collective chdh made using the instruments of Morphist : an audiovisual performance that studies the notions of form, metamorphosis and mutation. A mathematical abstract substance composed by a myriad of particles is disrupted by two performers who modify its organization. This matter is audiovisual: each alteration of its structure is transposed in sound and image, according to radical synaesthetic process. It was composed in October 2017. Watch the video below.

The chdh collective studies the relationship between image and sound by creating audio and visual algorithmic synthesizers. They mainly use these audiovisual instruments during their live performances. Using equations describing natural mechanisms, they generate abstract choreography of particles whose minimalist material reveals underlying structures of great complexity, shaped by strange organic attractors. In search of a synaesthetic radicalism, their hypnotic performances strive on joint movement between image and sound and owe to experimental cinema (form-wise) as much as to improvised music (performance-wise).

chdh – spin α from chdh on Vimeo.

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