Country: BG/DE

Biliana Voutchkova is a dynamic and thoroughly engaged interdisciplinary artist, composer-performer, violinist, improvisor and curator with a truly personal, unconventional artistic language. Through the prism of listening, her early training as a classical violinist and the years of development as contemporary artist-performer, she explores states of spontaneity and intuitive resonance embodied in her multifaceted activities. Her work includes regular concert performances of original/site specific work, new music by contemporary composers often written for her, long durational and multidisciplinary performances, improvisations, compositions and installations with focus on the interconnection between inner world and sound space.Based between Berlin and her rural residency on the black sea coast of Bulgaria, Biliana works internationally as a soloist and with renowned ensembles such as the Splitter and Trickster Orchestras, United Berlin, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Voutchkova/Thieke duo, Jane in Ether etc. Among her recent/current activities are concerts at Cafe Oto London, Ausland Berlin, Mixtur, Skanu Mežs, Meakusma and Ad Libitum festivals, her first institutional solo exhibition-performance at One Gallery Sofia, her curated duo series of live concerts and digital albums DUOS2022, the releases of her last solo album “Seeds of Songs” and “An den Mond” in collaboration with Peter Ablinger. Biliana is the founder and curator of the DARA String Festival, SHAPE+ platform artist for 2022/2023 and a recent recipient of the German Residency Stipend at Cité des Arts/Paris.

Born in the family of musicians, Biliana began playing violin at the age of 4, made her orchestra debut at the age of 9, and recorded her first CD for the Japanese label Crown Record Ltd. at the age of 16By the age of 18, she started realizing classical music wasn’t her path. In search for artistic growth, Biliana moved to Los Angeles to further study and discover music. This was followed by a period on the East Coast of the US, where she engaged with contemporary/experimental music and improvisation, broke from standard classical convention and began to understand something of her calling. In 2008 Biliana moved to Berlin where she pursued further the development of her artistic vocabulary, incorporating the voice and performance/movement, creating a unique quality as composer-performer. Most recently, Biliana has been drawn into the visual world as a different medium for creative input. She continuously follows her intuitive path that organically reveals itself. 

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