Country: RO

Eloquently cleaved between microgenres and local landscapes & soundscapes, Inana belongs to a topical, uninhibited and transgressive new wave of bedroom pop producers from Bucharest. His lo-fi, weird, half extravagant, half emo(tive) aesthetic connects the very concrete dots of a fabricated understream of nostalgia for a present that will never be.

INANA is the alter-ego of music producer Thomas Höfer, affiliated to the Romanian label Future Nuggets. “Din Nadir”, his 2020 LP, hints to a sonic nethersphere no one has visited, with a selection that hyper-jumps cultural continents and consolidates Inana’s particular synthesis of ghost trap, oriental dark wave, prog delirium, hypnagogic manele, all basking in a melodramatic aura. “Inana” and “Fără Urmă”, his most recent online releases, came out in April 2023.


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