Country: RO

Ion D is the music producer alias of Ion Dumitrescu, co-initiator of the Bucharest label Future Nuggets, and its sub-label P-Balans. Ion is one of the most active figures of the Romanian music scene, and activates under multiple cameos (Ion D, Ion din Dorobanți, Australopitecus Oltensis, Utopus). His most famous releases have been the Steaua de Mare debut LP, the first LP of the eighties legendary band Rodion G.A. (together with Strut Records, London), the Raze de Soare EP, and both volumes of the “Sounds of the Unheard from Romania” compilation.

Ion Dumitrescu started with classical ballet, then switched abruptly to contemporary dance and choreography, arriving to the Postspectacle Practice in 2008. Postspectacle Practice proposed different methods of art interventions and media hacking (OTV action), while also engaging in dark pseudo-political campaigns, and multiverse speculations. He co-founded and contributes to Bezna publication and Hyper Black-Box (a speculative toolbox designed by Alina Popa and Florin Flueraș).
He co-assembled contexts and made performances that attempted to destabilise and shuffle artistic identity, collapse time duration, in an effort to drastically investigate the structure of the spectacle inside and outside the black-box -white cube conspiracy.

He infrequently writes, developing various conceptual instruments, tools for transgression and navigation. His book “Pre” (frACTalia Publishing, București, 2019) proposes a concept that speaks about the present times as a new prehistory, patching arguments from philosophy, theory, art, and pop culture.


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