Country: LV

m.a.t.a.d.a.t.a. is the latest dance/not dance solo moniker by electroacoustic musician, film and theater composer Toms Auniņš from Riga, Latvia. It came to life as a film score for Matīss Kaža feature film Neon Spring, a film for which Toms Auniņš attempted to create a full and total Riga underground techno and rave scene sound score with the help of local (Latvian-built) Erica Synths Techno System. Individually m.a.t.a.d.a.t.a. also serves as an instrument to sail the long presence in extreme music into a new, unknown sonic territory.

For the musician himself m.a.t.a.d.a.t.a. is a transfer to origins of consciousness, and ultimately a vessel for change.

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