Country: HU/SERB

THEA SOTI (HU/SRB) is a multi-disciplinary artist, working within the fields of experimental vocal music, electronic sound, installation, text-based media and video art. She uses digitally manipulated sound, human voice and poetry in various formats, continuously manipulating and processing her own voice. Her pieces often go over the auditive experience and bravely explore space and movement, thus creating dynamic spaces. She often reflects on current socio-political issues, such as modern escapism, non-binary identities, beauty myths or collective fear. She has worked and toured internationally from New York, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Budapest, Belgrade, Moscow, Marrakech to Tokyo and has been invited as associated artist to Sonoscopia Porto, JAZZAJ, BMC Budapest, Balassi Institute Brussels, IRCAM – Centre Pompidou, Tarabya Cultural Academy in Istanbul or Cité internationale des Arts in Paris. 

In her solo performance, she investigates the boundaries of gender, language, memory and social affiliation through researching the human voice in a digital context. By continuously manipulating, recycling and processing her own voice, re-imagining folk-songs and improvising in unknown languages, she questions the contemporary meaning of binary gender, geographically defined cultural heritage, borders, traditional social codes, etc. In our technology-infused world, where reality is shifting towards machines and virtual entities, she explores the legacy of the human voice: how far can it still carry a human expression and how does it collide with post-human and virtual  identities.

Her debut solo album ØVER+ [2022] has just been released on the Paris-based experimental label Planisphère. Thea Soti currently works between Berlin, Budapest and Paris. 

Download press photo here.  (c) Taisiia Chernyshova


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