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VISIO is the alias of musician and visual artist Nicola Tirabasso. Both in music and visuals, his output investigates and explores the arcane tangents between reality and the unexplainable. Much like a modern antiquarian, he takes inspiration from a wide range of fictional imageries, repurposing them in an intricate, deconstructed, melancholically haunted music. In September 2022 the LP ‘Privacy Angels’ was released by Haunter Records. As described by Boomkat, “VISIO’s sound is more embedded in the material reality of its Medieval history.

The artist doesn’t just reference the past, he basks in its dwindling light, painting awkwardly electronic landscapes out of charming classical tones”. For FACT Mag “Crafting a rich sonic palette of acoustic instrumentation, intricate sound design and glitched out synthesis, Privacy Angels sounds like folk music broken down and reassembled by algorithm, pitching between the digital and the spiritual, dislocated from place and time yet evocative of a new and distinct vision of the world, Imagining the end of contemporary civilisation as the means to begin again in a future informed by the mythological past, VISIO has created the soundtrack for a world re-enchanted, where tradition, contemporaneity and futurity drift around each other in esoteric order, moving to a speculative song from a new reality.”

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