Rokolectiv x SHAPE+


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May & June events organised by Rokolectiv in collaboration with SHAPE+ platform, presenting artists who take part in residencies, live performances, and artist talks.
26.05 / 19h00 / BAR TON Bucharest
artists presentation w. bela & Mihai Mihalcea + listening session w. bela
Petra Hermanova in collab. with Apparatus 22 – live performance
bela in collab. with Mihai Mihalcea & Oláh Gyárfás – live performance

31.05 / 19h00 / Suprainfinit Gallery
Petra Hermanova & Apparatus22 – artist talk
Bintang Manira Manik & Gilang Anom Manira Manik pres. Wartakavarsa – live performance
Natasha Tontey, “Of Other Tomorrows Never Known” – video screening

27.06 / 23h00 / Control Club
Po – live performance
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