City: Dresden/DE sees itself as an artists* and production agency that initiates and promotes multilateral art and cultural projects within the SHAPE platform and cooperates with the dgtl fmnsm collective, the BALANCE Club/Culture Festival of the institut fuer zukunft Leipzig for the promotion of emerging European artists*, the Netzwerk | Medien | Kunst Dresden & the CYNETART festival at the European Center for the Arts HELLERAU, as well as the objekt klein a and the CONSTRUCTION Festival of the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture and is involved in the network International Cities of Advanced Sound (I.C.A.S.). was active within SHAPE platform from 2019 till 2022. Its predecessor organization Trans-Media-Akademie/Cynetart was active in the project from 2015 till 2018.

Photo credit: CxC Ambient Garden with Hatis Noit @ Dnipro, © Фестиваль Конструкція

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