Country: LV

Anna is a Latvian composer working in the areas of chamber music, opera, music for choir and vocal ensembles, instrumental solo pieces, duos, electroacoustic music and sound installations. Fascinated by the most intricate properties of sound, she approaches it as a live organism that embodies a musical form in itself. Her work is often created in close collaboration with musicians, exploring the finest timbral, textural and technical possibilities of each instrument that eventually lead to meticulously designed sonoric architectures. Inspired by the mysteries of nature, she steps with it into a conversation through her music in which she strives to collide disciplined rationality and scientific research with feminine intuition and sensitive plasticity.

In 2019 her first opera Tree Opera. Windthrow for eight voices, chamber ensemble and electronic track premiered in an old-growth forest in Hyrynsalmi, Finland. Drawing inspiration from the most recent scientific research in plants’ neuro-physiology and deep forest ecology, it explores forest as a natural stage to create a unique experience of our interconnectedness with nature at large and forest in particular. The chamber ensemble musicians, Swedish Paetzold contrabass recorder player Anna Petrini and singers from the Grammy Award winning Latvian Radio Choir performed on specially built platforms positioned in trees that has become a trademark of the show.

Download press photo here (Credit: Janne Korkko).


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