SHAPE+ showcase at Polja Festival


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Polja is a non-profit, sustainable festival and “music colony”, founded in the spirit of collective
action. It is organized by a community of artists, cultural activists, and enthusiasts gathered
around the Belgrade collective Dis-patch and their collaborators, who have collectively
organized dozens of cultural events both domestically and internationally.

This year’s Polja festival will take place from June 28th to 30th, showcasing artists of traditional
and modern folklore as well as experimental music to both local and international audiences. The
festival aims to create a perfect balance between tradition and modernity within a unique rural
and natural setting. Additionally, Polja will feature an educational component, exploring the
connections between folklore and modern musical forms and their evolution in the digital age. A
key priority of the platform is to promote and develop sustainable ideas for artistic and touristic
practices in rural areas, while also engaging local youth in artistic activities.

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