Country: AR/NL

Morita Vargas is a composer, singer and producer of experimental music linked to scenic arts and performance. She immersed herself in digital music, opening up to a world of electronic tools to capture their sounds, interacting with the ‘ambient’ genre, ‘dream pop’ and ‘hybrid fantasy’.

Morita belongs to a new women’s movement, builders of a new way of art for a sensitive society, open to curiosity and conscious listening. Providing a show full of aesthetic resources with visual interventions, Morita plays at being the sound narrator of a new language. She has released two albums; “8”, edited in vinyl (2020) by the Estonian label Hidden Harmony Recordings with physical distribution of up to 20 countries. And “Mandrágora” in cassette + book format (2019) by the German label Autogénesis Magazine.

She has made numerous collaborations with artists from around the world and performed and participated at diverses festivals including: Mutek (Arg), Marvin (Mex), Maintenant Festival (Fr), NRML (Mex),Tecnópolis (Arg), Les Femmes S’en Mêlent (Fr), Trimarchi (Arg), Rewire (Nl) and Pleamar (Arg). Also played in diverses scenarios like Mengi (Reikiavik, Iceland), Kolonia Artystow (Gdansk, Poland), B23 (Berlin, Germany); Paard (The Hague, Netherlands) and Sveta (Tallin, Estonia).

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