Les Siestes Électroniques – Toulouse



Lorenzo Senni
Dj Nigga Fox

June 25th-28th

TOULOUSE – 14th edition – Jardin Compans-Caffarelli

free entrance

Giving prominence to discoveries, Les Siestes Électroniques puts forward an original musical project. Since its foundation 14 years ago, the festival has become the French meet-up of adventurous music for some 20,000 people. Taking place in a stylish garden in the heart of Toulouse, concerts take place one by one, surprising and exhilarating a willing audience. The entrance is free as the most curious spirits gather at the end of the afternoon, with no preconceived notions in terms of age, class or aesthetic.

SHAPE/FUTURISM meet-ups are the perfect opportunity to share and ascertain ideas that mix creation, music and I.T.

This is the time and place for creators, experimenters and innovators; those who perceive the music of tomorrow through the prism of new technology.

SHAPE/FUTURISM will be structured around workshops, conferences, and meetings throughout the festival.

— A sound installation on the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette shopping centre in the heart of Toulouse’s centre.

Wednesday, June 24th, opening evening – Galeries Lafayette – by invitation only.

— A projection of a series of short films about music at the Utopia cinema.

Wednesday, June 24th, 10pm – reservation at the Utopia ticket office

— The night owls will not be forgotten as Les Siestes Électroniques delivers a festive party in an industrial setting.

Friday, June 26th club night – 12 / 15 euros